Liberate Your Flash Drive with LiberKey

Managing apps on a flash drive can be a real challenge even for the polished IT professional. Flash Drives have given us the liberty to transport files from PC to PC and the ability to run apps (software applications) directly from these little buggers. Again the problem that occurs is the ability to manage and organize what we place on these drives.  I can remember when flash drives first came out and developers started creating portable apps. These apps were far and few between; however, today the portable apps available number into the hundreds.  You literally can create a computer on a stick…

To help manage what you place on your flash drive and to help you decide what apps to install, I use a portable menu management utility called LiberKey.


The abilities of LiberKey are phenomenal and will, in a sense, take complete charge of your drive. The most important feature I like about LiberKey is after I select the apps I want I can go back at anytime and have LiberKey update the apps to the current version. As a matter of fact, being big on flash drive usage, this feature alone is worth its’ weight in gold. I do not know how many times I have installed a portable app on my flash drive and never take the time to perform updates.

LiberKey is FREE; is host to over 292 applications that you can select from; plus, if you are not in the mood to specifically select what apps you want to install, you can actually take the lazy man’s way out and download a complete suite of apps in a batch.



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