Very Small Program You Can Use to Take Advantage of Your Scanner

I am going to bet that most of you have an all-in-one printer of some type (i.e. print, scan and copy).  I am also going to bet that that the scanner component of this all-in-one device is very infrequently used. This is usually the case due to most folks not completely grasping the purpose of the scanner.

Scanners are excellent devices to electronically archive documents, receipts, news clippings, articles, etc… ; however, the software that ships with these devices are often difficult for the end-user to understand.

To help you get over the hump in scanner usage I found a very small software utility called WinScan2PDF (40K) that gives you the ability to scan documents and save them on your computer as a PDF file (Adobe Portable Document Format).


Due to the small file size of WinScan2PDF,  I carry it around with me on my flash drive and have found it very useful when I need to quickly scan or copy a document.  Talk about easy to use…  Simply select the source (which will be your printer/scanner), click on “Scan to PDF” and the scanning process will initiate; and, following the scanning process you will be given opportunity to save the file as a PDF file.  Very handy utility…



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