Get It While You Can – Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Typically when you buy a computer these days, you will see Microsoft Office Starter 2010 included in the deal. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 includes Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, with limited functionality and is ad supported.

Recently, on the blogging circuit, I noticed that it was discovered that Microsoft Office Starter 2010 could in fact be downloaded, via Microsoft supported servers. Whether this was a hiccup in Microsoft’s managing of those servers or they simply opened the gate to generate attention, it is unknown. Since that time the gate has been closed; however, I did find two other sites where you can get this download.

Again, I want to point out that Microsoft Office Starter 2010 only includes Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (with limited functionality); however, do not let this deter you. I tested both of these applications and found they are very good; especially, if all you need is basic word processing and spreadsheet capabilities. Actually, knowing what I know about people using software, the basic will actually seem to them to be advanced.  In other words, it will probably suffice for 90 percent of everyone out there, at home, to perform the functions you will need (and more). If you are advanced business user, or a Microsoft Office power user, this is not for you. Also, do not let the “ad support” deter you.  The ad is small and unobtrusive…  Bottomline is this, if you want to save a whole lot of money and want a good word processor and spreadsheet application, then get this download (see below).

Microsoft Office Starter 2010

Ok, as of the date of this post, there were two locations I found to download Microsoft Office Starter 2010:





As an added note, if you may be wondering…  I am running Microsoft Officer Starter 2010 alongside the full blown version of Microsoft Office 2003 with no problems.



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