A FREE Full-Fledged Disc Burning Tool

I do not know about you, but I like simple; especially when it comes to disc burning software. In my book, the disc burning software package that meets the criteria for being simple, is Burnaware Home.


I have often found that the majority of software that is designed to burn discs is overladen with bells and whistles that is often very confusing to the end-user; especially, us folks at home who only want to burn the occasional disc.

I have found Burnaware to be one of the easiest burning software packages to work with that uses minimal system resources to get the job done.  The initial interface that you work from is a series of icons where you simply point and shoot.  It does not get any easier than this.

BurnAware Home easily handles such tasks as data backup to various optical media, creation of fully configurable bootable discs, creation and writing to multisession discs, conversion of popular audio formats and creation of Audio CDs, creation of DVD discs that can be played on home DVD players and popular consoles, as well as disc image burning and grabbing. Extras include the ability to create disc copies directly to another drive, extract files from sessions and music tracks from Audio CDs.

The only negative I can say about BurnAware is that during the installation routine it will prompt you to install the ASK browser toolbar.  You can opt out of this by unchecking the boxes during the install.

The software supports the most popular Windows versions, including NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64-bit) and does not require the .NET framework to operate.



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8 thoughts on “A FREE Full-Fledged Disc Burning Tool

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  1. All fine and good – BUT – does it do multi-session? I -really- like my ‘Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 Free’ just because of that very ability. The ability to burn a number of sessions rather than just one is very important to me.


      1. Well in that case I guess I’ll just have to try it out and see which I like better. If it’s got a smaller footprint both in physical size and resource demands then I might just switch.

        THANKS for the info. It’s GREATLY appreciated.


  2. Thanks Rick,

    I like this sw because it is simple and straight forward. I cannot handle cumberson, complicated sw, it gives me a headache.

    Good stuff here on this site.


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