A Simple, Fast and Easy, Online Weather Source

I am a real fan of weather applications and it is amazing how the development of these applications have evolved over the years to where there are numerous sources to go to for the weather.

Recently, I came across a lesser known online source called HAMWeather that has really become my daily go to source for the weather.



What I like about HAMWeather is that the page is a fast loader; and is laid out very nicely to give you your current conditions, the outlook, the extended forcast and some adjoining radar maps (with no ads).  The site also loads nicely on the tablet PC’s and smartphones, as well.

HAMWeather does not stop there…  If you dig further and follow the top menu bar links you will see numerous other options you can load to get further specifics.

From what I could tell, HAMWeather can provide weather conditions for any location in the world; however, the weather details are lessened depending on the location you are looking for.



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5 thoughts on “A Simple, Fast and Easy, Online Weather Source

Add yours

  1. Hey Rick, thanks for a new source of weather info… here in Tornado alley, we can always use a leg up…
    I tried the app and find it very intuitive.
    Now if we could just find a source for forewarning us of those 6.2 earthquakes.
    Have a great holiday and Merry Christmas


    1. Rob,

      I am in Western Maryland where earthquakes and tornadoes are unheard of; UNTIL these past several years. I don’t care what anyone is saying; our weather is changing. We had a big snowstorm in October (which is very rare) and here in December we’re having October weather. The recent earthquake actually shook the items in my home. No wonder they are looking for another earth.

      Merry Christmas to you, as well.



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