Top Forty Songs Powered by Twitter and YouTube

I can remember in my teen years we listened to the top forty on the radio and then some years later we became mesmerized with the music videos on cable TV. That was a big thing to us as kids back then… To my younger readers, you are probably thinking I am a hundred years old. Not quite, but you can half that… Today’s post revived some of those memories I had and made me realize just how far we have come in terms of technology. Yesterday on the blog I featured a FREE Online Utility to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3. During the process of researching and writing that post, I came across another interesting music site, that is powered by Twitter and YouTube, that revived those memories of the top forty and the music videos. It is called where you can become your own DJ.

Simply visit the site, click on the song of your choice to launch the YouTube music video. The music video, with controls, will play at the top of the screen. At that point, you do not have to do anything else.  Just let it ride…



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