Using Google Instant Preview When Performing a Google Search

It came to my attention this week, while assisting others with their computers, that people are unaware of Google’s Instant Preview and how to use it (even though it was launched last November 2010) . Actually it is sort of a hidden feature, when performing a Google search, that will give you a quick glance (preview of a web page) without having to actually click and open the page up.

To be more instructive on this, take a look at the screenshot below. In this example, I performed a Google search for “whatsonmypc”.  After the search results generated, I placed my mouse pointer to the right side of the first result and a pair of arrows appeared (out of nowhere to the right side). If you then hover your mouse pointer on the arrows (do not click), a small version of the page will be generated. You can open the page in full view by simply clicking on it or you can glide your mouse pointer down to the next link to see the small web page displayed of that link and so on and so forth…

Google Instant Preview - Screenshot

I almost always use Google Instant Preview to see what is hiding under the link or to help me quickly find a page I pulled up in the past (and did not bookmark).



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3 thoughts on “Using Google Instant Preview When Performing a Google Search

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  1. I also use the instant preview feature. Since I have a large monitor, I can easily see the instant preview but not sure if it works on smaller monitors with less screen estate?


  2. Wow- I didn’t know about Google Instant Preview until your blog post, so thanks! What a great feature, since going in and out of different links from Google can become time consuming. This may bother some users though, so do you know if there is a way to get rid of these arrows that lead you to a preview?


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