SkyDrive – Your Password Protected Hard Drive in the Cloud

The beauty of online file storage (in the cloud) is that you can access your files from anywhere; and from just about any internet enabled device (such as your computer, tablet pc, smartphone, etc.). If you are like me, I am always on the hunt for a good online file storage service that is reliable, reputable and is feature driven. The number of options grow daily and it is hard to determine where is the right place to store files.

Trust me, I have accounts with all of them and the more I engage in this the more confused I get and the more careless I see me getting.  Careless in the sense that I see myself storing files on a site, that in the end I may forget about, and my files are out there in never never land, forever and ever. As a result of this thinking, I have narrowed my options to a few and have made up my mind to stick with them.

One of the online storage options that has recaptured my attention is Microsoft’s SkyDrive.


SkyDrive is not a new player in the field of cloud based file storage.  As a matter of fact I have had an account with SkyDrive since its’ inception; however, I just was not sold on it – until now! To use SkyDrive you have to sign up for a Windows Live ID account, or if you already have a Hotmail account you are good to go. With SkyDrive you are given a whopping FREE 25GB’s of storage.

What has changed my thinking on SkyDrive is actually this:

You can now perform (easily) batch uploads of files from your computer, as well as, batch downloads. You can select a folder in SkyDrive, select download, and the entire folder will download as a zip file.

SkyDrive appears to be quite reliable in terms of uptime vs. downtime.  You can check the status of the service [HERE] .

If you are a Microsoft Office user, SkyDrive ties nicely into Microsoft’s Office Web Apps which gives you the ability to edit your files online using Word, Powerpoint, Excel and OneNote.

The file management interface of SkyDrive just feels right… You can right click on any file in SkyDrive and perform various file operations, such as Open, Download, View Original, Move to, Copy to, Rename, Delete, Embed and Share.


If you had moved away from using SkyDrive at an earlier time, I encourage you to revisit.  I think you will find that with the FREE 25 GBs you are getting an online file sharing service that is comparable to many of the other paid services out there.



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6 thoughts on “SkyDrive – Your Password Protected Hard Drive in the Cloud

Add yours

  1. Thanks for revisiting this, Rick! Haven’t tried any of the online backups yet, but keep thinking about it for several reasons –

    1) I have files saved on my desktop, laptop and tablet, as well as thumb drives – too, too much!
    2) As a result of having files in so many places I don’t do backups like I should and sometimes have to hunt for the latest version of a file…
    3) I’m trying to downsize somewhat and would totally consider getting rid of my current back up drive which is attached to my desktop

    Hope to have time in the next couple of weeks to try it out!

    Thanks again!


    1. Kelly,

      Backing up personal data is a chore that 99 percent of everyone that owns a computer fails to do. Online storage is an option with many trade-offs.

      I would keep the backup drive and use an online option as a supplement.

      Thanks for commenting…



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