An Online File Sharing and Storage Service to Seriously Consider Called 4shared

Is it just me or are we going through a technology change with these tablet computers like never seen before? As a result, and being an owner of a tablet pc (Toshiba Thrive), I am now really looking at the online file storage options that will enable me to reliably post, share, stream and retrieve files from a source in the cloud. Recently I put up two posts about Microsoft’s Live SkyDrive that you should consider for online file storage:

SkyDrive – Your Password Protected Hard Drive in the Cloud

Ways to Sync Your SkyDrive Files To Your Computer, Tablet and Smartphone

4sharedToday, I want to share with you another online file sharing and file storage service that I have been testing out and have been quite pleased with. It is called 4shared .


4shared will give you 10GBs of space right off the bat; plus another 5GBs, when all is said and done. What I found with this service is that they really have made an effort to cover all bases to ensure that you can access, share, and store your files anywhere there is internet service and from just about any platform (whether it be your desktop, tablet PC or smartphone). The features of this service is too numerous to list and if you are interested in seeing a comparison of their paid service, versus their FREE service, then [ click here ] . I think you will find that the FREE service will meet your needs.

What I like about 4shared is that they have an android app to perform file operations from my Tablet PC and another android app to stream music from my 4Shared account to my Tablet. The various interfaces that 4Share provides to access your files, whether it be their desktop syncing app or file manager, their online interface or their mobile file manager apps; I found all of them very easy to navigate and understand. Mobile apps are available for Symbian, Blackberry, Android, and iPhone .

If you have any questions about 4shared, I encourage you to visit their FAQ (frequently asked questions) page [ here ]. Overall, I have been using the daylights out of this service, especially the music search, storage, streaming and sharing functions.



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