PDFBinder – A Simple Tool to Organize and Merge Your PDF Documents

Recently I found myself needing a way to merge several PDF files into one file. I went on the hunt and came across PDFBinder.


PDFBinder saved the day by allowing me to merge a set of PDF files,with a common subject, into one file. For example, let’s say you save all of your tax forms and receipts in the Adobe PDF format. When all is said and done with your taxes you may end up with a list of numerous PDF files. To bring this all together, PDFBinder will let you merge (or pile) these forms together into one file. You simply add the files to PDFBinder and click on “Bind”. At that point you will be prompted to give the binded file a name. In our example I could name the file Tax Year 2011. End result is that all of the Tax Year 2011 are now in one PDF file.  What is also neat about this application is that you can load it up with PDF files, then move them up and down the listing of files, to put them in a nice organized order.  Really a neat application and cheap to (FREE)!

Only wish I have and I hope the developer see’s this – Can this be made into a portable app?



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