Bookmark This for Full Commercial Software Giveaways

Bill Mullins’, who is north of my border, and the webmaster at Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts, does not know this (yet), but he pointed me in the direction to something this morning that really caught my attention; that I did not know existed.

Bill posted on his site Download Crew Giveaway – Today Only – Acronis True Image Personal 2010. If you do not know what Acronis True Image is about, I encourage you to visit Bill’s site and take advantage of what he has posted. It is very good software and will save you a whole lot of trouble if your computer goes south on you.

Download Crew Giveway

Having a passion for software (especially FREE software), what caught my attention, as a result of Bill’s article, was that Download Crew offers periodic giveaways of commercial software. I did not know that and if you did not know that, I encourage you to bookmark the giveaway site [CLICK HERE] .

The Downloadcrew website is brought to you by Betanews Inc who are best known for FileForum, which is a bleeding-edge downloads site, offering you the very latest software betas and the final release downloads.

We do not believe in bringing you a sub-standard full software giveaways. With this in mind, we will notbe offering a daily giveaway. Besides, the logistics and resources involved are incredible. This may change in the future, however, depending on the popularity of this giveaway website.

We aim to provide a minimum one or two free full commercial products each week. The giveaway days will be random, but you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, follow our RSS feed, keep one eye on the Downloadcrew website or bookmark Downloadcrew Giveaway!

Thank you Bill for sharing your find with us this morning!



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6 thoughts on “Bookmark This for Full Commercial Software Giveaways

Add yours

  1. Hey Rick,

    Yep, the Download Crew are a great bunch of guys – I keep a close eye on those fellows. 🙂

    Have to, after the boys over at Download Squad, some of whom I’ve worked with elsewhere – got the “push out the door” after Yahoo! decided to shut ‘er down last year.



    1. Delenn13,

      Yes, you are correct! I knew about Download Crew, but I was oblivious to the giveways (of commercial software) on their site.

      I tell ya Delenn13, my brain never stops… I have looked at so many things (and written about so many things) that my processor is cooked : )



  2. Dang it! I meant to hit shift and I hit enter..DUH! The hubby had outpatient surgery this morning so I am kinda frazzled here.

    I was going to say…When you read so much at times it is hard to notice everything…And never assume anything. 🙂


    1. Delenn13,

      Take care of the hubby…

      I learned a saying many years ago that is similar to “never assume anything”… Especially with computers, etc…

      “Believe nothing and verify everything!”. …



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