A Nice Google Chrome Extension to Convert Any Video from YouTube to High Quality MP4, FLV or MP3 for FREE

One of the rewards to maintaining a tech blog that has a strong emphasis toward reviewing (and testing) FREE software, is when a reader contacts you and points you in the direction of something that is good. The reader in this case, as a result of reading the past article, “Keep An Eye On This: Freemake Music Box” said this:

Today I want to share a free video converter with you. I just found it on CNET. Similar to FreeMake, but it has both windows and mac version.

Here is the product page:


And their chrome extension is good to. I can convert youtube to mp3 and download youtube clips one click.

Here is the link for chrome extension:


I hope that will be valuable and can help others.

Please keep going on. Thanks again.

If you notice, a couple web links of interest in terms of a video converter (called WonTube) is mentioned, but the one link that I especially was interested in was the link for the Google Chrome Extension (of WonTube).

Before I get into the description of the WonTube Chrome Extension, please note that the first link he reflected is to the Windows and Mac software versions of WonTube.  If you do not use Google Chrome, you may then be interested in the software version [ CLICK HERE ].

The Google Chrome Extension of WonTube is actually something I had been looking for; where I could, “on the fly”, straight from the Google Chrome browser window download YouTube videos and convert them to another video format or convert them to an audio format (such as MP3). By doing this, I do not have to exit the browser window to start up other software on the computer to perform the desired task.

The WonTube Extension, after installed, sort of threw me off due I was looking for a button at the top of the browser. Where the magic works here is when you go to the YouTube site. When you pull up the desired video that you want to work with, you will see two buttons embedded near the YouTube video title (see below for example). One button is labelled “Download Video” and the other button is labelled “Convert to mp3”. Click on your desired choice and you will be redirected to the WonTube conversion site where the conversion will (quickly) take place.  Following the conversion you will have the option to download the converted result.

WonTube Screenshot

To the reader of the blog, who contacted me about WonTube, What’s On My PC, says Thank You…  Nice find!



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