Now Has An Android App Available

I have been watching for this…, a relative newcomer to online file storage and sharing, now has an Android app available that will get you to your files online. The app is still in the very basic stages of development and does not have any syncing or uploading features built into the app (yet). I do look for that to change.

What this all means at this point in time, is that if you use an Android OS based smartphone or tablet you can now access your files from those platforms. You can get the app at the Android Marketplace [ HERE ] or via your Android Smartphone or Tablet device. Once you install the app your device will alert you when any upgrades occur, just like any other Android installed app.

If you do not know what is; then read this recent article:

Get 10 GBs of FREE Online Storage
to Store, Share, Access Anytime, Anywhere

Once you sign up for the FREE account, you will get 10 GBs of online space; and for every person you signup you will receive an additional 300 MBs of space (up to 16 GBs).  I am a user and I am nearing the 16 GB mark; however, I am still not quite there.  If you do signup with, please [ CLICK HERE ] .  This will help me reach the mark.

Take the potential 16 GBs of space from, plus 25 GBs that Microsoft has available for FREE [ SEE HERE ] and you will walkaway with over 40 GBs of online storage.  Not too shabby is it?



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8 thoughts on “ Now Has An Android App Available

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  1. Hi Rick,

    Very interesting and quite timely too.

    I have been thinking about online file storage for a little bit but have always been very apprehensive about actually doing it, as in how secure is it, how long before they just disappear, and the most important thing for me is can it be used in lieu of an actual hard drive back-up etc.

    I have a stepson who is also looking at this type of alternative for file storage and he has asked for my advice, so I thought I should ask you as you seem to use a couple of different online storage facilities.



      1. John,

        Yes Crash Plan is a good option. Just remember, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Another thing that I do, especially as another level of protection; I will encrypt the sensitive files at the computer level, then back them up online. There is bad and good to all of this; BUT, at least you are backing up your files and are backing them up to an off site location. Let me know how you and Crash Plan work out… I am curious!

        Thank you,



  2. Rick,

    Once again excellent find~ telling all of the students and posted your referral link on our blog that we review every a.m. We also posted a link on our Facebook page… I’m spending more time on your site in the a.m. than my own site with the students. Thank you as usual! The last two weeks your finds are unreal.

    The IT department at TTCS (Steve)


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