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I am writing to you to let you know there is something NEW at that consists of a new posting regimen and a new layout of the sites’ content. is a second website that I maintain that initially started out as a large collection of links to tech sites. That large collection is still there; however, the site is now at another level where I can comfortably post content at a comfortable pace. I would also like to point out that the site is for everyone (especially home users) and not just Techs.

Most everyone loves computers, software and anything related to information technology. It has become entrenched in our daily lives. What I have started at Bookmarks4Techs, that is NEW, is a posting regimen that I am calling “Bookmark This”. One of my obsessions is cruising the internet at hyper-speed and finding anything that is FREE and is related to computers, software and information technology.

What “Bookmark This” is going to bring to you is a way to quickly capture (and quickly read) what I think is good out there or something that I found that is exciting that you should know about (i.e. an article from another blogger FREE software, an Android App, etc…). Now what is good to one person, may not be good to another; but, I think as this develops, the selections that are made will be recognized as top quality. I research and play around with everything I recommend. I have experience doing this from managing “What’s On My PC” and from working as an IT Professional for over 20 years.

The layout of the site has also been changed and consists of (6)-six tab areas:

Home Page– Daily Posts (which will primarily feature Tech Products of the Day, Tech Deals, the Bookmark This posts, FREE and Paid Android Apps, etc…).  I will tell you up front, that I am an Amazon Associate and you will see me pointing out to you the best of the best at Amazon.

Bookmarks4Techs– Features over 500 Links to Tech Sites. I am working to clean this up and remove the dead links. It is amazing how many sites are now dead since I started this. Blogging and maintaining a site is hard work and the number of sites that have went dead in the water really surprised me.

Bookmark This Collection – When I do a “Bookmark This” post, the collection of these posts will be managed and collected. The list is currently short, but give it time; it will grow. Again, I will only list quality FREE software, cloud apps, etc…  This will serve as a good resource for those looking for good quality FREE software, information, etc…

Shop for Deals– This will link you to the Bookmarks4Techs Amazon Store that I have put together. Give it a try. I think you will like it.  I am pretty proud of how this turned out.

Amazon Deal of the Day– Deal of the Day is featured from this tab. I hit this tab every day; where Amazon will make huge price cuts on products, etc…

About– Some information about me as a blogger and IT professional.

Also, on the left sidebar of the site, make sure you check out the Shop @ Amazon listing. I have tried to make a general category listing to assist you with looking for specific computer products (i.e. a mouse pad, keyboard, etc…).

On both sidebars you will find feeds from some of the top tech blogs out there.  If you want to know what is going on, all you have to do is scroll down through these sidebars. The bloggers who maintain these sites are some of the best of the best.

To subscribe to by email [ CLICK HERE ] and to subscribe to Bookmarks4Techs by RSS [ CLICK HERE ]By subscribing you will be alerted to the most recent posts. You can back out of either of these subscriptions anytime.

I encourage you to take the time and visit and help me make it a successful site. If you are a tech blogger and you do not see your site on the bookmarks list, please let me know. I will almost surely add your site providing it offers solid content and is maintained regularly. Also, by adding to your blogroll will help to support what I am intending to accomplish.

Thank You !



Bookmark This (#9) – WinPatrol

FREE Today Only – Learning to Draw is Fun (Android App)

Top Five – Digital Media Adapters at Amazon

HOT – Download Free Norton Identity Safe Beta – Simple, Secure, Password Management For Windows, iOS, And Android

Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.


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  1. Love what you have done with the place. I “Google+” it. Let @BillP know his program is in the Top Ten. 🙂 Probably should Tweet it…he uses Twitter more than Google +.


    1. Delenn13,

      Thank you for the kind (and supportive) comments. The Bookmark This section where BillP (Winpatrol) is linked is going to be a collection point for tons of stuff (free software, how tos, etc…).



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