Wirelessly Manage and Control Your Android Devices With AirDroid

imageI want to start this post by saying that “AirDroid is by far, one of the best Android apps I have experienced’ on my Toshiba Thrive Tablet”. I actually cannot believe that this Android app is FREE.

AirDroid gives you the ability to wirelessly manage your Android device (tablet or smartphone) from your desktop computer’s web browser, using your WiFi network (if you have one).


What I primarily use AirDroid for is to transfer files (such as music, movies, documents, photos, etc…) between my desktop computer and my Android based tablet (Toshiba Thrive). AirDroid, however, does not stop there and provides several utilities to monitor the device status and to manage processes, apps and SD card control. All of this is performed from within your favorite web browser on your computer.

When you make the connection between your computer and your Android device, a very attractive (and easy to use) AirDroid Web Desktop appears. AirDroid will (or should) work on any smartphone or tablet that is running Android 2.1 or later (4.0 is not well supported yet).

How to get started:

Download and install the AirDroid app on your Android devices [ HERE ], start the app and open your favorite web browser, input the address and Dynamic Password to login to the AirDroid Web Desktop.

Detailed steps:

Tips: The Android device and computer need to be connected to the same WiFi network to be able to connect. Don’t have WiFi? Try this tutorial

1.    Open AirDroid on your Android device and tap Start. The web address (looks like http://192.168.xxx.xxx:8888) to visit will be revealed, and a new Dynamic Password will be generated or the Predefined Password will be displayed (looks as predefined).

2.    Open your favorite web browser to visit the web address above. Enter the Dynamic Password or Predefined Password from the previous step and click Login.

3.    You’ll login to the AirDroid Web Desktop.



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2 thoughts on “Wirelessly Manage and Control Your Android Devices With AirDroid

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  1. Hi Rick,

    That Rick I have to say is pretty amazing considering its free. I have just downloaded it and been able to send some SMS via my desktop. I can see this being very useful that’s for sure.



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