FREE Software to Synchronize Files/Folders with Google Documents

I am currently using (and testing) a FREE Windows based software application called Kumosync that gives you the ability to synchronize files on your computer with Google docs (and vice versus).  So far, what I am seeing I like. Kumosync gives me another option to backup files on my PC to the cloud and make good use of my Google Docs Account.


After you install Kumosync, you will be prompted to sign into your Google Account.  After you sign in, go into the Kumosync settings by right clicking on the Kumosync tray icon.  From the settings you can setup what folder(s) you want the synchronization to occur and can even setup drive mapping.  Kumonsync can sync your files either manually or automatically (at prescribed time intervals).

As a precaution with any software of this type, until you become familiar with it, backup your files you intend to synchronize until you are comfortable with the software. Do not let this scare you from using Kumosync; I typically take this precaution with any software I install and use that involves any of my personal files.

KumoSync™ is a Windows application used to synchronize local windows and files/folders with Google Documents. You can sync ANY document/file format.

KumoSync will automatically track your changes in Google Documents and your local Windows file system. It will synchronize these changes automatically on a regular interval allowing you to access your files on your computer, the Google Documents “Cloud” and other devices that can also access Google Documents.



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