A Great Way To Backup Those Sensitive Tax Files On Your Computer Off Site

I just read that it is becoming more and more difficult to locate the paper tax forms and that more and more people are filing their taxes electronically. As a result, the tax data is often stored on the computer for which the taxes were filed; often to be forgotten. This can really be a privacy (and identity) issue should the integrity of the computer be compromised or the computer ends up in other hands; which it eventually will at the end of its’ life cycle.

Each year when I complete my taxes, using an online tax service provider, I am always given option to save my completed forms to an Adobe PDF file. Typically, I encrypt those tax form files (and any other sensitive files) on my PC using a program called Axcrypt. I then copy the encrypted files to a flash drive that I have set aside to store nothing but sensitive documents, files, photos, etc…

Flash Drive

The reason I copy this data to a flash drive is that I then keep the flash drive in a safety deposit box (off site) where I can get to what is important to me in the event of a disastrous event (such as computer hard drive failure, house fire, flood, etc…).  As a matter of fact, if you have a scanner, scan your sensitive documents and save them to that flash drive. Again, as an additional layer of protection encrypt the files on the flash drive.

If you do not have a flash drive, get one. I went on the hunt (for you) and found (Today Only) a 32 GB SanDisk Cruzer Drive at Amazon for under $25 (as part of their Deal of the Day).  There are other flash drive options out there as well [CLICK HERE] .



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