When You Have To Go Nuclear and Restore The Settings On Your iPhone

Steve at Scoroncocolo sure catches my attention with some of the terminology he uses and his most recent article Reboot, Restore, Backup iPhone, is no exception. I especially liked the one section in his most recent article Restoring Your iPhone – The Nuclear Option. I don’t think I need to explain what he means by the term nuclear in this case.


The gist of his article is to provide us with instruction on differentiating between “a reboot and a restore (going nuclear)” and how to backup the iPhone.

Steve always contacts me and says, “hey take a look at this article”…  His enthusiasm is what draws me in and I feel he shares the same passion for information technology that I do; AND, as a result of this enthusiasm he feels compelled to share that enthusiasm with us all.  That is what a true blogger is! I truly enjoy promoting sites like this.

Take the time and drop by his site and if you are an iPhone owner, make sure to bookmark and read Reboot, Restore Backup iPhone.



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