It Feels Like A Million Dollar Day at What’s On My PC

Got up this morning and noticed that I am 500 page views shy of a million. I typically do not play into the stats much, but I do have to admit; this is EXCITING !!! I should hit the summit sometime today.  I have to go see my parents today and I’ll probably miss the rollover.

Thanks to everyone who has ever visited and contributed to the blog. Now I have to figure out what the next goal will be…     Rick Robinette


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25 thoughts on “It Feels Like A Million Dollar Day at What’s On My PC

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    1. Bill,

      If you remember, you and Tech Paul took me under your wing and helped me get going in this. Now, if I could catch up to 4 mil Bill… Heck, I don’t even see your tail lights : )



  1. Rick,
    With your friendly and easy to read writing style, great “content”, online ‘discoveries’, focus on freeware, personal responses, etc., etc., What’s On My PC.. has been on my Read Daily list since your first post (while other tech sites faded away like a passing fad).

    It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to watch this ‘odometer number’ be achieved, and I do hope that we shall both see it greatly surpassed as you continue to “do your thing” here.

    .. I am kind of bummed, though.. I guess I can no longer refer to What’ On My PC.. as a “undiscovered gem on the Internet”.

    You have my regards and congratulation!


    1. TechPaul,

      You have been a great mentor to me and I will not forget that. Thank you for everything and hopefully both of us can keep blogging away. As you well know, some days it is hard!

      Again, Thank you….



  2. Congratulations and Thank YOU!! Keep all this great info coming!
    I’m just a nurse/tech lover who really appreciates people who know their stuff and are willing to take their own precious time and share!


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