An Advanced Online Image Editor That Is Easy

Just like the online file converters I recently featured, online image editors are everywhere, which makes it hard to decide which one to go with. Factor in that the learning curve to master an image editor is quite challenging that makes most people avoid them.  Well don’t…

Today, I want to show you an online image editor, called Fotoflexer, that to me is advanced (rich in features), but very easy (and fun) to use.


For an online editor, Fotoflexer has all of the bases covered. You can do everything from fixing your photo or image to adding effects, fonts, shapes, etc… You can even get crazy with Fotoflexer by applying morphing, distortion and doodling effects.


The best way to get a handle on using Fotoflexer is to visit the website and either upload a test photo or use a photo they provide.  A really cool feature (that I like) is that I can either save my finished product to my computer or I can save it to an online photo storage and sharing service (such as Picasa, Photobucket, MySpace, and others).  In my case, I use Picasa. To take advantage of the his feature, you must sign up for an account with Fotoflexer (which is FREE).

After using Fotoflexer, I can honestly say that for an online photo and image editing program, this one is a keeper.  Fotoflexer can do it all and most importantly, it is easy to use and understand.



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