Information To Help At The Onset of an Illness or Medical Emergency

imageThis week my ritualistic pattern of posting to my blogs (What’s On My PC and Bookmarks4Techs) was slowed somewhat due to experiencing a food borne illness (commonly referred to as food poisoning or norovirus).


Thanks to my caring wife, I am on the mend; however, during my downtime I started to think; “What resources are available out there on the internet for people to quickly research for “what to do” in the event they experience a sudden onset (or symptom) of an illness or a medical emergency (first aid)? Of course, common sense, call 9-1-1 in any life threatening emergency and go to your Doctor (or emergency room) for any questionable illness.  You should never rely on a self diagnosis!

Sites you may want to look at are:

Symptom Checker – WebMD

First Aid – WebMD

First Aid – Mayo Clinic

Symptom Checker – Mayo Clinic

ADDED 3/4/2012 – Medline Plus

If there are any other resources out there that you would like to recommend or share, please comment below…  I would love to hear about them.



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15 thoughts on “Information To Help At The Onset of an Illness or Medical Emergency

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    1. Bill,

      Thank you for your concern… Yes, this did kick me in the butt somewhat, but I am a tough old coot (as they say).

      Thanks for the heads up on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Looks like Windows 8 may be rearing up for a release this year. They better get moving!



  1. Food borne illness-NO FUN!! Glad you’re better and you have a caring wife. Another good medical site is Medline Plus. Part of my job as a telephonic RN is giving patients good websites that have solid evidence based information and this one has never let me down. It is part of the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine. Thanks for your excellent blog!!!


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