Maintain, Optimize, Protect and Care For Your PC with ToolWiz Care

Every once in awhile, being an explorer (and tester) of FREE software, I will come across something that really gets me excited; especially, if it involves maintaining or optimizing the PC to make it run more efficiently. There are numerous maintenance and optimization suites out there right now, but I never heard of ToolWiz Care.

ToolWiz Care

Folks, after putting this utility suite through its’ paces, I have to say I am very impressed, especially for a utility of this magnitude being only at the version one level of development. The developers of ToolWiz Care have went to great lengths to come up with a package that covers all of the bases — from security utilities to protect your PC (and data) to utilities to maintain (and optimize) your PC.  I am trying to find out if ToolWiz Care can be made portable.

Everytime I use this, I find something else. For example, before I list the key features; after you install ToolWiz Care a very attractive (non-obtrusive) toolbar will appear on your screen that gives you the date, time, day, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, upload/download network activity. Double click on the toolbar and you can perform a Google search in the box that appears. This utility even offers eye protection. Now these things is just the candy! Let’s get to the key features of what ToolWiz Care can really do to help protect your PC, maintain your PC, and optimize your PC. Believe me, if you give this whirl, you will find more than what I have listed below.

As with any utility such as this, and not to scare you away, have some knowledge of what you are doing. I can tell you, I ran every utility in ToolWiz Care and did not experience any issues. If anything, it performed as it claimed it would perform.  I am very impressed with this.

Time Freeze

Time Freeze Keeps your system safe and protect your computer from unwanted changes.  NOTE:  This puts your PC into a virtual mode.  I am now using this to test software.  I’ll put the PC into the Time Freeze mode, test the software, come out of Time Freeze and my PC will be back to the original state prior to testing the software.

 Eyes Care

Eyes Care Protects your eyes with scheduled warning.

 Virtual Safe

Virtual Safe Creates a virtual safe which works like a regular drive where you can store files. The files stored in it are encrypted and cannot be accessed without the right password.

 Game Booster

Game Booster Concentrates every system resource for gaming purpose. It temporarily shuts background processes and other unnecessary Windows services & cleans out the RAM.

Password Manager

Password Manager Helps you create secure passwords that are extremely difficult to crack or guess. Also it can help you to manage your password, account and other private information.

 Password Generator

Password Generato Creates highly secure passwords with upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols.

 Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder Allows you to scan all duplicate files in specified path. You can remove some of them and free up your disk space.

 File Undelete

File Undelete Ensures recovery of data permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin or with the help of SHIFT + DELETE key.

 Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor Helps you to check your hard disk both in I/O accesss and file system and give you a full report for the checking.

 Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner Cleans your hard disk from temporary files like those in the system temporary folder and the Recycle Bin.

 Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner Makes the PC system more stable by cleaning out the bad Registry entries.

 Registry Backup and Restore

Registry Backup and Restore Helps you to backup or restore your Regidtry with a simple click

 Registry Defrager

Registry Defrager Rebuilds PC’s Registry, making the entire system run quicker and smoother.

 Privacy Cleaner

Privacy Cleaner Protects the user’s privacy by deleting all activity history and surfing traces.

 Fast Defrag

Fast Defrag De-fragments the hard drive with it’s smart engine, keep the PC running efficiently and prevent the formation of other fragmented files.

 Checkup Module

Checkup Module Provides a full report of user’s PC system and allows the user to fix all problems with one simple click.

 Startup Report

Boot Report Provides a easy to read report that shows the start-up time of user’s system. It offers a detailed list of the processes loaded since booting.  NOTE:  Will also alert you when something new was added to the startup group that you were unaware of.

 Startup Optimizer

Startup Optimizer Allows the user to disable or delay the loading of any startup entries. It also provides the users with suggestions of standard processes.



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13 thoughts on “Maintain, Optimize, Protect and Care For Your PC with ToolWiz Care

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  1. Hey Rick,
    I’m getting irritated with all my repair tools whether premium or free. Toolwiz worked great as you said. It’s my primary now. Thanks.


  2. I wrote something last night and I think it got eaten..not sure..if it shows up, just delete this one.

    I have been using the Time Freeze for a couple of months and I really liked it. I didn’t know about the Care thanks for letting me know. This may give the free and paid programs a run for their money if it keeps up. The “Eye Care” program came up while I was writing the first post..LOL..TOO funny!

    Loved their About Us. At one time it was part of their EULA..Yea, I do glance thro them or use my EULAlyzer.

    PS Where would I post if I have a free or good deal on a program so you see it before it expires?
    Like for instance Download Crew is going to be giving away Downloadcrew Giveaway: get Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012, worth 49.99, for free! from Softwarecrew | Software Reviews, News, Tips & Tricks Starting Friday.


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