Remember To Use The F3 Key When Browsing

While making my rounds on the tech blogs, I was reading an article at Guiding Tech and in that article was a side tip informing people about using the F3 key in Google Chrome.


To expand on that tip, the F3 key is typically used to invoke a search (for text) in your web browser; whether it be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. I am pretty certain the F3 key is a standard key used in just about any browser to invoke a text search on a web page. For example, let’s say you pull up a news site and you are looking for an article (or text) related to a specific topic. Simply hit the F3 key and you will be presented with a search box to type in what you are looking for. Once you enter the text and hit “Enter” on the keyboard, every instance of the text on the web page will be highlighted.  Usually there are up and down arrows to navigate through each instance of the text on the page. I found that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome do the best job in highlighting the text; whereas, Internet Explorer you can lose track of where the highlighted text is located.

Using the F3 key is especially helpful when viewing a list or very long web page and will definitely save you time. When I saw that tip on Guiding Tech, I thought I need to get that tip out there.  This is one key that I definitely recommend remembering…



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9 thoughts on “Remember To Use The F3 Key When Browsing

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  1. I always used “Ctrl” now, I got a new one. Thanks.


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    From what I am seeing, not only do you get notification with newsletters..but they just add add ons with NO notification. It’s that or I am getting senile and didn’t see the stuff(which is possible).


  2. You’re right Rick, F3 really is a way to go for finding specific text or words specially on long post/topics.. Been using it for quiet some time now and it really helps me a lot.


  3. I never knew about this, Rick. I used to use Google’s ‘cached pages’ link but it appears to have disappeared.

    Now I can highlight text searches again. Thanks for the great tip.


  4. Yow guys can you teach me a few surprises using this function key? I just want to give my friend a birthday surprise using this


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