Reduce The File Size of Photos Up To 5X’s

With the camera technology today, and constantly improving, the digital photos we take are quite large in file size. This can be an issue when storing those photos (either on your computer or in the cloud) and can be an issue when sending those photos via email (due to the file size limitations by the email providers).

JPEGmini  To help you resolve this issue, I came across an online (cloud based) service called JPEGmini that has the ability to reduce the file size of a photo up to 5 times without degrading the quality of the original photo. I have used this service to reduce the file size of the graphics and pictures that I post on the blog so that I do not use up my space on WordPress.


Some Facts:

JPEGmini files are optimized JPEG files, whose parameters have been tuned to significantly reduce the file size without affecting perceptual quality.

Depending on the resolution and quality of the original photo, high resolution photos produced by digital cameras, you can expect a reduction of 50%-80% in file size with JPEGmini

Each album that you upload can contain up to 1000 photos, and can be up to 200 MB in size. You can upload as many albums as you want.

The best bet with JPEGmini is to sign up for a FREE account. This will allow you to batch upload and download any photos where you desire to reduce the file sizes. If you are concerned about whether the conversion has affected your photo (or photos), with JPEGmini you can do a side-by-side comparison.



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