Manage And Keep Your Software (apps) Up-To-Date With AllMyApps

I am sure if you are regular visitor to What’s On My PC you will find that my main point of interest is FREE software. I typically review software by downloading, installing and using the software for awhile before I give it a thumbs up. As a result, I end up with quite a collection of software (or referred to as “apps”, in today’s world”) that requires constant monitoring for software updates. I am adamant about maintaining and keeping my software up-to-date to help deter and prevent malware infections.

Today I came across a cloud based service that you may be interested in exploring that is called AllMyApps, that is specifically setup to manage the software (or apps) that you install on all of your computers.


Simply sign up for an account and download the AllMyApps software that you will ultimately use to manage your software (or apps). Now, the really cool part about AllMyApps is the large library of FREE software applications they have available. They have just about every popular (FREE) software app available that I could throw at it.  Even if you do not install the software manager, the large resource of software apps on this site is a gold mine.

Once you have installed the software manager component on your computer, you can visit the AllMyApps website (or apps store) to select the software you desire to install.  The software manager component of AllMyApps can be used to select, install, launch and uninstall any software they have available.

Now, this get’s better…  After you sign up for an account, you can also manage your web apps (or websites) in a dial pad (tiled) type of interface that allows you to move the tiles around, rename them, etc.  Look for “My Web Apps” on the site after you setup your account to access your own personalized launching pad to your favorite websites.

I have to admit, I am still exploring AllMyApps, and I have not covered all of the bases, but I am pretty excited about what I am seeing.



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5 thoughts on “Manage And Keep Your Software (apps) Up-To-Date With AllMyApps

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  1. .. a little synchronicity in our topics today, Rick, but yours looks like a lot more fun. And, bonus! this is the first I am hearing of it, (unless you mentioned it before, and I somehow missed it) so again I have to thank you and tip my geek hat to you.
    Keeping your software up-to-date is key.


  2. Guys, will this app help me keep track of 100’s of programs I have downloaded, 99% free, or free for day, many not actually installed. I would like if it scanned the HD for these, then created a database showing what i got, what is installed, versions, description of what it does etc. Also would need ability to search the descriptions, so I can find a program that does a function I need right now – otherwise it is like finding a needle in a haystack? Thanks


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