Automatically Get the Mouse Cursor Out Of The Way

You probably noticed that the past several days I have not posted much. This is due that I have been using my writing skills on another personal matter that has consumed, not only my time, but what brain cells I have left.

During the course of this personal writing venture, there were quite a few occasions where I had to swat the mouse pointer out of my view so that it would not distract me or change my focus. Afterwards, I started to wonder if there was an utility out there that would move the pointer out of the way for me (automatically)? In other words, I was looking for something that when I started to type, the cursor would move out of view and park itself.

Sure enough, I soon found my answer with Park Cursor Aside


Whenever you type on keyboard, the mouse cursor is automatically parked (moved) aside to a defined screen / active window position. This way your view of the input field is not blocked by the mouse cursor.

Right click on tray icon and select Settings, to define the parking position and other values.


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