Sumatra PDF Reader Outguns Adobe PDF Reader

If you do not need all of the features of the  Adobe PDF Reader (which 99.9 percent of you don’t), then install the Sumatra PDF Reader to view those PDF files. You will not regret it; and will immediately notice that the lightweight Sumatra’s PDF load time is noticeably faster compared to the heavyweight Adobe PDF Reader.


Version 2.0 of Sumatra was recently released which is a welcoming sign that the developer continues to improve Sumatra without overburdening it with features that you will never use. Sumatra is available as a normal software installation or as a Portable App.



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4 thoughts on “Sumatra PDF Reader Outguns Adobe PDF Reader

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  1. Too bad this app looks like a program from the Windows 95 days:) The bright color makes my eyes hurt. I use NitroPDF which is pretty fast but looks a lot better:)


    1. Ben,

      Sumatra may be an ugly duckling, but it is a great alternative to Adobe that can be run from a flash drive.

      Nitro – a definite favorite of mine. I have it installed on my PC, as well.

      Thanks for dropping by…



  2. Sumatra is exellent as the smallest viewer. But often I use PDF-XChange Viewer because it has so much features for edit pdfs (comments, bookmarks, OCR, measuring, forms,…) and I like portable version too.


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