Continues To Evolve

Most of you are probably not aware that I maintain a second tech site, called Bookmarks4Techs, that has grown into a tech info site that is great for anyone from the seasoned tech specialist to the home based computer user. I have been primarily using the site as a testing ground; however, I have now reached a point where I have a method to my madness (as they say). In essence, I am sanding out the rough edges.

What this site is evolving into is an enormous launching point for technology news, tech products, software, android apps, wallpapers, tech sites, etc… I use various resources on the internet (with credit always given) to quickly get this information to you. It is like a big grab bag of tech information and links that is conveniently available in one place. It is like looking for Easter Eggs.

When you first arrive to the site, make sure you scroll down and checkout the sidebars. The sidebars are loaded with RSS feeds that are constantly updated with information from some of the most popular tech blogs and sites on the internet.

I invite you to drop by frequently, due that I often get into a rapid posting mode where I’ll make 2-3-4 posts at a time. You can also subscribe to the site via a RSS feed [ HERE ] OR via Email [ HERE ] to keep up with the pace.

If you are a blogger or tech website owner, and you add Bookmarks4Techs to your blogroll, I will routinely feature (in rotation) your tech site at Bookmarks4Techs (as a Featured Tech Site – click here for example) and will post your site on the Bookmarks4Techs Links page (in big letters).  This will help the site grow in popularity and at the same time give your site exposure.

What Bookmarks4Techs has to offer is this:

Bookmarks4Techs Links – Features over 500 links to various tech and software sites on the internet. This (idea) page is actually the page that ignited the development of the rest of the site. If you are into tech, then no need to bookmark tech sites; I’ve done the work for you…

Bookmark This Collection
– If you like software, then this is your page. This page features software that I personally use (or have used) and highly recommend.  The best part is that it is all FREE!.

Bookmarks4Techs StoreFront –  To maintain operation of the site I serve as an Amazon Affiliate. This page features computer and technology related links to products at If you are a customer of Amazon, launch to the Amazon site from any link at Bookmarks4Techs. When you do, It throws a few pennies in my cup to keep the site going.  Also, on the sites’ left sidebar you will find a listing of tech product categories broken down for your convenience.

Today’s Technology News – Using various resources on the internet, I started posting the latest tech news. This page was actually done as a personal convenience (to keep me on top of things); however, I think you will find it quite newsworthy for you, as well.

Featured Software – This is the one I like and enjoy.  Again, using various reputable resources, I pull down updates and the latest in software (mostly all FREE).

Android Apps – If you own an Android device (such as a smartphone or tablet), then this is for you.  This is relatively new and I ask for patience as I find resources for this; however, I do have a good run going on this now (especially the Amazon Daily Free “Paid” App).

Featured Wallpapers – If you like wallpaper backgrounds, make sure you hit this frequently.

Thank You !



Featured FREE Android Apps – 4/7/12

Bookmark This (#47) – PDFBinder

Featured Software – 4/7/12

Featured Free “Paid” Android App – 4/7/2012

Today’s Technology News – 4/7/2012

Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.


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2 thoughts on “ Continues To Evolve

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  1. Rick,

    You’re a workhorse. 🙂 You do a fantastic job!

    I appreciate all the hard work and effort (as do all of your regular readers, I’m sure), that you put into keeping us up to date with the latest – and greatest.

    I’m honored to have a place on Bookmarks4Techs.



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