FREE – Unlimited Image (Photo) Sharing and Storage for an Unlimited Time

There are numerous image (photo) sharing and storage sites out there, but I ventured across an image sharing (and storage) service called imgbox, that really caught my attention!


The Pro’s: Easy to use; image sharing via URL links; inline hotlinking (great for us bloggers); fast upload speed, batch uploads; 10 mb max file size (jpg, gif, png); unlimited storage for an unlimited time; can name (edit) galleries, can individually select and move images from one gallery to another; and once a gallery of images load you can scroll the images either horizontal (i.e. previous or next) or simply use your mouse wheel to scroll vertically.

The Con’s: Actually I only noticed one fault. Unless I am missing something; and if I am, please let me know. I did not see a method to batch download my images. You can capture the share codes for the images to individually download an image, but no easy method noticed to perform a batch downloads.

Overall, the fact that you have unlimited storage space for an unlimited time; imgbox is looking pretty good to me!



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Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.


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