Read and Scroll A Web Page Hands Free

If you have ever visited my sister site, you probably noticed it is quite lengthy and requires a lot of scrolling.

imageA way to remedy this issue is to use the small javascript utility called HandsFread that will auto-scroll the page for you.

The easiest way to use HandsFread is to visit the website and drag the HandsFread button to your bookmarks bar; then, go to or any site where the page is lengthy and click on the HandsFread button.  The page will automatically start to scroll.  There is another method of setting this up; however, will require some configuration on your part.

I did notice that when I clicked on the button more than once, the scroll speed increased.  Also, appears this is a first release of this utility; therefore, you may experience a bugaboo or two.



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2 thoughts on “Read and Scroll A Web Page Hands Free

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    1. Nhick,

      I am with you on this. I’ll continue to monitor the development to see where it goes. I am finding this little utility quite useful on my other site (due to its’ length).

      Thanks for visiting and keep up the great work over there.



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