ToolWiz Care Adds An Image Editor

Recently I did a post on ToolWiz Care, the “free tool set designed to speed up your PC and give your system full care”. I am not going to go into a long description of what ToolWiz Care is all about; however, if you have not experienced ToolWiz Care and you desire to learn more about it, I encourage you to read the original article [ HERE ] .

I have been using and closely following the development of this all-in-one super utility and can’t put it down. Today, I found that they added another feature to the program where you can perform a screen capture and following the capture the captured image will open into a newly added picture editor. It took me a bit to find the editor, but once I did I was quite impressed with the editor even though it is a new baby.

To get to the editor (if you have ToolWiz Care installed), you can right click on the ToolWiz Care icon in the tray or right click the toolbar and select screen capture from the menu.  Also, on the toolbar you will find a button to perform a screen capture.


After you perform a screen capture, you can open the the captured image in the editor (see below).


Once the captured image is opened in the editor you can perform various image editing tasks, such as adding arrows, text, etc….  I also found that I could load an image from the computer (such as a photo) and perform some basic image editing and enhancement tasks.


ToolWiz Care continues to fascinate me; especially, for the quality of tools I am seeing in something that is a new kid on the block. Getting to the picture editor took me some navigating around to locate it, but when I found it, I was quite impressed. The developers may want to consider adding the editor to the main program or to the floating toolbar where it can be quickly launched. I could see launching the editor to load an image from the computer (to fix a pic, add text, a watermark, etc…).

To the developers of ToolWiz Care, keep up the great work!  You have a follower here at What’s On My PC



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