Split Your Chrome Browser Window In Two With Dualless

On many occasions, when working on a blog article (or post), I find it useful to open two browser windows side-by-side in order to quickly research information in one browser window and quickly post my thoughts or links in the other browser window. Windows 7 gives us the ability to drag a window to the sides of the monitor to make this happen; however, when using my browser (Google Chrome) there is another (easier way) that requires only two clicks of the mouse.

It is called, Dualless


Dualless is a Google Chrome Browser extension that gives you the ability to split your browser window in two (to simulate a dual monitor setup). For example, if you have two tabs open in Chrome, by clicking on the Dualless button on the extension toolbar, you will be presented with various ratios that you can split the browser window (see below). Simply click on a ratio selection and the browser tabs will separate into two windows at the ratio you desire. To return to a full screen window simply click on the Dualless button, select the ratio of “1” and the browser will return to full screen.


So far I am finding Dualless to be an extremely useful tool when blogging (as I mentioned), researching information and for shopping on the internet.



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