FREE Phone Service Using Google Voice and a MagicJack Device

GVJackRecently I have been experimenting with a one time $20 dollar software investment called GVJack (by PhoneSoft), that gives you the ability to use a MagicJack Device connected to your computer (and a phone), to make and receive phone calls across the internet (VOIP), using a Google Voice account. With this being said, in essence you can setup a voice over IP phone connection for a one time cost of $20, plus the cost of the MagicJack. The MagicJack does not have to be activated and does not have to be new. Also, if you are using an activated MagicJack account, you can still use GVJack.

From what I have experienced so far, using the GVJack Software, the MagicJack Device and my Google Voice account, it is an awesome and very cheap way to make FREE local and long distance calls (in the U.S.) using a regular type house phone with all the bells and whistles that Google Voice offers (such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, etc..). In my case I have a portable phone connected that allows me to roam the house when making (or receiving) calls. So far, the clarity and reliability of the connection rivals that of my traditional landline connection.

If you would like to give this a try, you will need the components I previously mentioned (i.e. $20, GVJack Software, MagicJack Device, Computer, broadband connection to the internet, a phone, and a Google Voice Account).

A factor to keep in mind…  Google has been gracious enough, since the inception of Google Voice, to keep the local and long distance service FREE (in the U.S.). Google could always change their mind on this and make it a pay for use service; however, from what I am seeing so far from Google Voice is that their funding stream is being generated from the international calling feature and the ads. Personally, after experimenting with GVJack (using the trial version), I plan to cough up the 20 bucks. I like the idea of using my portable house phone to take advantage of my Google Voice account (and my broadband internet connection).

Read More About GVJack and All The Features [ HERE ]



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