Access Your Box (Cloud Storage) Files Directly From Windows Explorer

Recently I posted an article about Box, an online file storage (and sharing) service. The article, “Log Into Your Box Account From Your Android Device and Get 50 GBs of FREE Online Storage” provided instruction on taking advantage of an offer that Box was promoting for Android users. I definitely took advantage of this offer and got my 50GBs of space.


So far, my experience using Box as an online file storage option, has been an excellent experience. The only thing that I was missing with this service was the ability to access my online files directly from my desktop. To do that would require signing up for one of the paid options to download their desktop software.

From experience, I knew there had to be another method to access these files and it was not long that I came across an article at Instant Fundas (titled: How to Access Files From Windows Explorer?) , that provided a solution. Not only did this article provide a solution, it also taught me something new about a HTTP protocol extension called WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) that allows users to create, move, or change files directly on a server. Guess what? Box offers WebDAV support, giving me a FREE  solution to my problem. After following the instructions as Instant Fundas, I can now access my Box files directly from Windows Explorer.

If you are currently a Box subscriber, I encourage you to visit Instant Fundas to get step-by-step instructions on how to set this up. It worked great for me and just may be the solution you are looking for, as well.



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