Over 450 Web Fonts Now Available In Google Docs

It still surprises me when I talk computers with people, the number of people that are not familiar with Google Docs. Google Docs, as it rapidly continues to evolve, has become the premier online office suite consisting of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. When you sign up for Google Docs you are in essence now signing up for Google Drive. If you are a home based computer user and you are looking for an office suite solution (such as a word processor), then Google Docs is the solution.

Earlier in the month, Google made available over 450 web fonts that can be used to spruce up your Google Docs creations. The fonts are very easy to get to and easy to turn “on” and “off” (or select)

Simply open up a new (or existing) document, go to the toolbar, select the font button and a drop down box will appear. At the bottom of the font list you will see “add fonts.  Click on “add fonts” and you will be presented with another box where you can preview, pick and choose what fonts you want to use. The fonts you select will be added to the drop down box where the font will be available anytime you work on a document.

Google Doc Fonts

Google Doc  Fonts



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