Free Windows Clipboard Manager Software With Multilingual Support

When you cut and copy text or images on your PC, that data is temporarily stored on the clipboard. Typically each instance when you perform the cut and copy operation, the data that was previously on the clipboard is wiped out. To keep this from occurring you need to get your hands on a clipboard manager where any cut and copy operations that you perform, the data is stored and can be retrieved at a later time.  I often use a clipboard manager when working on the blog and other projects.

I have featured clipboard managers on the blog in the past; but, today I want to share a NEW one called Multi Clipboard Recorder. Where this one differs from the others is that it is very easy to use and understand (and is portable). Simply start it up and copy away!

To view what you are storing on the Multi Clipboard Recorder, click the button, as shown in the screenshot. On the left side of the window you can individually select what data items you want to use to paste into whatever it is you are working on. A green check will appear for the item that you select.

Multi Clipboard Recorder

To use Multi Clipboard Manager on your flash drive, it appears you have to install it to your PC, then copy the folder over to the flash drive.

Key Features:

  • Records clipboard data and restore it.
  • Support all programs.
  • Support all data formats.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Display the contents of the clipboard.
  • Duplication of data input fast.
  • Portable freeware tool.



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