One of My Favorites – SearchMyFiles

I have never been a real fan of the search operation that is built into windows; instead, have relied on third party applications, such as SearchMyFiles.

What I find, is that most people do not want to try something that is not attached to the operating system (or they do not understand it); however, there are those occasions where the third party applications (in my opinion) are better. In this case, SearchMyFiles, is my “go to” utility when I need to find a specific file on my computer (or another computer, since it is a portable app).

The only thing, looking through the eyes of the home computer user, is that SearchMyFiles may appear difficult to understand; when, in fact once you see that there is really only two components in the program that you really need to focus on, it becomes quite easy to use.

Again, SearchMyFiles is a portable app. Just download it and run. Once the program loads, look for the area that says “base folder”.  In that area type in (or browse for) the folder location or drive location that you desire to perform the search. I typically type in what you see in the screenshot below. Next, type in the filename using wildcards.  What are wildcards?  If you notice below, there is an asterisk before and after the word “*starburn*. Using the wildcard format tells SearchMyFiles to search the “C” Drive (which is almost always your hard drive) for any file that contains the word “starburn”. By using the wildcard format, I eliminate any possibility of the file not being located.


SearchMyFiles (by NirSoft) is probably one of my most used portable apps.  It is very fast for a search utility that does not rely on indexing and has many features making it a super powerful search utility.



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  1. I love Ultra File Search cos searching in Fat32 , NTFS , all drives including USB , interface nice , configurable , not as fast like Everithing , but 1T + 4 USB scanned in 10-30 sec


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