NEW – Symbaloo for Android

I am going to venture to say, that the most used application on my computer is Symbaloo.


Symbaloo is a speed dial type of web application that gives you the ability to create a personalized “one click” portal to your online favorites. I would be lost without it…

Symbaloo is a personal startpage that allows you to easily navigate the web and compile your favorite sites all in to one visual interface.

Today it has come to my attention that Symbaloo is now available as an Android app [ CLICK HERE ] .

Symbaloo for Android

Just like its’ desktop computer counterpart, the mobile version of Symbaloo provides you with a customized speed dial interface to your favorite websites from your Android OS based smartphone or tablet. The cool part about symbaloo is that once you set up an account, your Symbaloo favorites is accessible from all your web enabled devices.

Features and Advantages:

Never have to type in an address manually

With one click you go anywhere on the web

Add a new website with one click to your Symbaloo

Never lose your favorite websites again

Free and without advertisingFeatures:

Your Symbaloo favorites automatically sync between your Smartphone,
PC, and tablet.

Instantly add new websites to your Symbaloo

Integrated RSS reader for all of your favorite news sources

Search the web directly from within the app

Listen to your favorite radiostations from within the app.



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2 thoughts on “NEW – Symbaloo for Android

Add yours

  1. Hey,
    I read this article, and decided to try symbaloo.. And I have to say – I LIKE IT! I think it’s because like many of us, I am very visually oriented and like a graphical interface (icons) better than I do a text based interface..and symbaloo do this!
    After this i tried to use on my android HTC, I have to say, even though Symbaloo looks very simple, you can really do a lot to it. Between the tabs, default webmixes and personalizing your own, you can pack a ton of information onto your homepage.


    1. Maxlehmann,

      I have been using Symbaloo on my desktop computer for a very long time. I have become so accustomed to it that I would be lost. My wife loves it and makes it easier for her to navigate the net.

      Good stuff… Glad to see you here!



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