Quickly Turn Off / On the Internet

Typically, I turn my computer “on” in the morning, which is connected to the internet, and leave it “on” until I go to bed at night. A practice that I have gotten into is that when I am away from the computer I will disconnect (or disable) my internet connection through my network settings.  I primarily do this to prevent my computer from communicating with the internet and to prevent any opportunity for an outside intrusion (such as malware) to occur.

Recently, I came across a nice utility, called InternetOff, that makes turning the internet “on” and “off” very easy, right from the system tray (which is typically located on the right side of the taskbar).


After installing InternetOff, a small icon, representing a globe, will appear in the tray. Simply click on the globe and click on “Turn off the internet”. When you want to turn the internet back “on”, click on the globe icon again, and you will be presented with several options to turn the internet “on”.  You can turn it “on” for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour; OR, just turn it “on” (permanently).



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6 thoughts on “Quickly Turn Off / On the Internet

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  1. Rick,

    I can now strike off the first thing on my recent wish list. I’ve been searching for just this type of application since I moved over to Win 8.

    In fact, we’ve been talking about this very issue (turning off the Internet when not in use) over at my site for months. And so ends the conversation with your super find.

    Thank you. And, for the linkback as well 🙂



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