An Extremely Versatile and Configurable Screen Capture Utility

I have tried just about every screen capture utility out there, but a new one landed on my plate that I can only describe as being in the category of awesome (especially for being free and portable). It is called LiveCapture.

I am not going to get into the details, because the screen shot below tells it all; and, besides part of the fun with a program such as this is exploring all of the program options. The only thing I don’t like about LiveCapture is that when you run it, a capture toolbar initially appears that really does not (in my opinion) do the program any justice (unless you like toolbars). The good, or at least for me, is that you can turn the toolbar “off”.  Where this program really shines is when you right click on the LiveCapture icon in the system tray (as the screenshot below reflects) to show what this gem can do.  Again, awesome




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3 thoughts on “An Extremely Versatile and Configurable Screen Capture Utility

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    1. Delenn13,

      The only feature (after messing with this pretty extensively) that I see no functioning properly, is the screen scrolling capture. Otherwise, this screen capture utility is a keeper.



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