A Shortcut Utility To The Windows Shut Down Menu

Today, while performing site maintenance at Bookmarks4Techs.com, I featured the site 7Tutorials.

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What caught my attention at 7Tutorials is that they have developed a little utility program, called Shutdown Windows, that is a shortcut to the Windows shutdown menu. It appears this program is geared toward Windows 7 and Windows 8. It may work on Windows XP; however, I was unable to test it on that platform. If you do download and find that it does run on XP, leave a comment below.

Shut Down Windows

What this is especially good for, if you are like me, is if you are into customizing windows. For example, I do not use the Windows Start Menu to launch my programs. Instead, I use a program called XLaunchPad to perform that task. Shutdown Windows is a nice addition to the XLaunchPad I have setup; however, you can setup Shutdown Windows to run directly from your desktop.  Makes it real easy to shutdown your PC.



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