Use Password Chameleon To Generate A Different Unique Password For Every Site You Use

If you are not using some form of software to manage the passwords to your online accounts, then this tells me you are using weak passwords; or you are using the same password for every account; or you are writing down the passwords somewhere. I can go with writing the passwords down, as long as you are using some level of security (like storing them in a locked area), but I will bet you are not doing this. When it comes to computer security and passwords, I have found it is human nature to not take the extra steps to make sure the accounts are protected and have also found that most people really do not understand the importance of it all.

Today, I came across a really unique website that really caught my attention, called Password Chameleon, that is very different than any password manager I ever experienced.  As a matter of fact, it does not get any easier than this.

Password Chameleon

With Password Chameleon you only need to remember one password and the domain name of the account you are accessing.

For example, to access my blog account, I enter my secret password (which actually can be easy), then the domain name, which is, then click on “Generate Password”

Password Chameleon

After I click on “Generate Password”, a strong password is then generated.

Password Chameleon

What is cool about Password Chameleon is if I forget the password,  I can go back to the Password Chameleon website, enter my secret password, the domain name, click on “Generate password” to retrieve the same password I created the first time. You can come back anytime to Password Chameleon to get the password. Where the beauty of this lies is that I can retrieve a password for my accounts from any internet enabled computer by simply visiting the Password Chameleon site.

Password Chameleon uses a technique called “hashing” to combine your secret password with the address of the site and produce your password.

  • Passwords are never saved.
  • There is no database of passwords that could be hacked.
  • Passwords are generated on your computer using JavaScript, so nothing is sent over the internet.
  • Password Chameleon uses SHA-1 encryption to generate each password.
  • Passwords are 10 character, 64-bit sequences.
  • Passwords do not contain easily confused characters, such as 0 and O.

I am now using Password Chameleon, in conjunction with my password management software, to generate and keep track of my passwords.

Password Chameleon is a very cool concept that I hope the developers continue to enhance even further. On a further note, you can also download a Password Chameleon app to your windows computer, windows phone, android devices, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers which makes it even easier to manage those passwords.



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