Unlock The Secret Options In Windows 7

Most techs have heard of the Windows 7 GodMode where there is a trick to creating a folder and giving it a special name [see here] to enable GodMode. GodMode is a hidden control panel that contains everything, in one place, about Windows 7 in terms of options, settings, customizations, etc…

Getting to GodMode can be a tricky venture for some; however, I came across a nice utility that gives you the ability to enable or disable God Mode in one mouse click. It is called the Windows 7 GodMode ToolSimply download the tool to a folder, unzip the tool and double click on the Windows 7 GodMode Tool file to launch the utility. When the interface loads simply click on “Enable GodMode”.


After you click on “Enable GodMode” the tool button will change to “Disable GodMode” and an icon will appear on your desktop that is labelled “GodMode”.  Click on the “GodMode” icon to launch into the GodMode settings.


To disable GodMode, simply run the Windows 7 GodMode Tool again and click on “Disable GodMode”.



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