FREE Software To Monitor Your Broadband Usage

If you notice a slowdown in your broadband speed, then this could be a red flag to indicate that something may be going that is consuming your bandwidth. It could be software you installed that is making constant communication to the internet or worse yet it could be a rogue process or service that has installed itself on your computer, as a malware infection.

The software I present today is called Net Guard; and what Net Guard does is give you the ability to monitor your internet connection and broadband usage, to determine what the bandwidth hogs are.

Net Guard

Cucusoft Net Guard includes powerful Bandwidth monitor and Bandwidth meter to help you find who is wasting your bandwidth. As you know, sometime, you didn’t visit internet, but there are still some unknown software using your Broadband in your computer. Normally, you have no idea about them, don’t know who they are, how to monitor them, how to kill the useless program which is biting your bandwidth. Those unknown programs sometime even affect your normal Internet surfing speed a lot and you have to pay the Broadband Bill for them. Those unknown software sometime will make your Broadband Bill exceed its limit, you have to pay the extra fees.

Now, Cucusoft Net Guard can help you fix these problems. It can easily to monitor your broadband status, to find who are using your broadband, how much bandwidth they are using, and more details statistics available, you can make decision by yourself after checking the simple report, keep it or kill it. That means you can see and control who can use your Broadband, who cannot.

During the install of Net Guard you will reach a point where you will have to input an email address and a registration number will be sent to you.  Also, following the install of Net Guard you will find a handy floating bar that allows you to monitor (in real time) your upload and download consumption speeds. This toolbar can be turned “off”.  Overall, Net Guard is a nice utility (especially for FREE) and could be quite helpful in troubleshooting internet connectivity issues and speed; especially if you are tied to a bandwidth limit each month.



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