A Huge List of FREE Computer Security Products and Services

One of my favorite tech sites is Gizmo’s – The Best Freeware…  Today, during a visit I came across a huge list of FREE computer security products and services that is maintained on their site. The list is not a list of specific recommendations, but is a “comprehensive documentation of the security products available”…

I can tell you a lot of work went into compiling this list.  So, if you are looking at a solution for virus or malware protection, encryption, backup, to name a few; hit this list first. It will definitely save you a considerable amount of time and I can tell you, being familiar with software, the selections they have made have been tried, true and tested.  Great job Gizmos’s…

Gizmo's - Huge List of Security Products



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4 thoughts on “A Huge List of FREE Computer Security Products and Services

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  1. Rick, nice article here, and I have made referrence on my site to it. I hope it will get lots of reads!

    I too am a fan of Gizmo, and I particularly like – and recommend – his Gizmo’s Security Advice Wizard. Which, instead of just asking someone to pick from a list, the wizard, asks a series of questions about your Internet use/skill level/etc., and then recommends a good fit.

    Two great resources (aka “bookmark-able”): Gizmos and What’s On My PC.


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