Pin Anything To The Taskbar With Taskbar Pinner

Today I came across a one of the kind, really useful tool, called Taskbar Pinner that makes pinning anything to the Windows 7 or Windows 8 taskbar an easy task.

Taskbar Pinner

Taskbar Pinner is portable; therefore, simply download, run, and select from Pin a File, Pin a Folder, Pin a Shell Location (i.e. control panel, recycle bin, etc…) or Pin a Library (such as your document, music, picture or video folder). You can also check “Explorer context menu” which allows you to use Taskbar Pinner in Windows explorer. To read more details on Taskbar Pinner [ click here ]

  • to pin ANYfile regardless of its type;
  • to pin ANYfolder;
  • to pin drive;
  • to pin Control Panel items, all them including some hidden like God Mode/All Tasks, Network Connections;
  • to pin Libraries;
  • to pin Shell Objects like Run command, “Miminze All”, Window Switcher;
  • to pin any drive,all folders and all files via Explorer Context Menu;
  • to pin any folders or files with drag and drop. Drop them on application window.
  • to pin any folders or files via command line:taskbarpinner.exe "path\to\desired\location"

Note:One thing I ran into is that when I went to extract the dowloadable Taskbarpinner zip file (that contains the Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions), I was prompted to overwrite the files.  If that occurs, simply select “no” and the file will extract properly.  Otherwise, the program works as indicated…  Also, if you try to run the Windows 7 version on Windows 8 (and vice versus), the program will crash.



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One thought on “Pin Anything To The Taskbar With Taskbar Pinner

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  1. Hey,
    Thanks for sharing, but I hate having my taskbar cluttered up with pinned programs, especially since I tend to have a lot of running applications, and the pinned apps just made less room for the icons of the running apps (plus I like to have a separate icon for each instance of a running app, rather than all the icons stacked together, which makes the taskbar even more crowded).


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