TODO Lists With An Interface For The Tech-Savvy

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly trying to keep track of what I things I need to do, in an effort to keep my life in order.  I have tried virtually everything from task managers, to virtual post-it notes, to note keeping software.

Today, I came upon another online player called Holly that gives you the ability to maintain nested to-do lists. What is unique about Holly is that it is a simple online text editor where the tasks you create are mini-projects with their own sub-tasks. Holly is visually appealing, easy to use, and no sign up is required.  Simply visit the site and start editing the list and you are automatically assigned an unique web address that can be shared with others.  It is important that you remember (or bookmark) the address your are assigned.


At first it took me a little while to understand how Holly worked, but once I got it down, I can honestly say I will be using Holly on a regular basis. Another selling point to me was that Holly works very well on my tablet.


Edit pure text – Edit your tasks with the most powerful input method that exists – a simple text editor.

Nested TODO lists – Tasks are mini-projects with their own sub-tasks, which you can track in lists of lists. Quickly re-arrange items with drag’n’drop.

Keyboard controlled – Everything you can do in Holly you can do with either a keyboard or a mouse. There are hotkeys for everything.

Collaborate – Share lists with your coworkers, friends and family. No sign up required.

All your tasks, everywhere – Access your tasks from any browser. Holly also works great on your iPhone or Android device.



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