Appears Microsoft Is Pushing Us Into An Online Leasing Option Starting With Microsoft Office 2013

Typically in the past, when you purchased the Microsoft Office Suite, you shelled out a one time allotment of money to purchase the suite, whether it be a standalone license or a multi-user license. Technically, in this purchasing scenario the end-user (or purchaser) became the sole owner of the license which enabled the owner to use the suite for as long as they desired. For example, I have a license for Microsoft Office 2003, that  I am still using. Since that release there has been Office 2007 and Office 2010. From the viewpoint of being a home based computer user it was too expensive for me to keep upgrading; plus, I figured I would continue to use it as long as Microsoft supported it. Oftentimes, people who cannot afford to purchase the newest versions of the Microsoft Office Suite will resort to using pirated (illegal) versions of the software.

image Well, this is all about to change…  With cloud computing being the current technology, Microsoft will be offering the home-based computer user a leasing option for Microsoft Office 2013 called Office 365 Home Premium. You will still have the option of purchasing the boxed standalone version of Office 2013, but the licensing options are being constrained in such a way that it is obvious which direction Microsoft wants us to go.

The leasing option for home-based computer users, in words you can understand, is simply this…  You will subscribe to the Microsoft Office 2013 – 365 Home Premium Program online by paying a annual fee of $99 for an account. That $99 will you give you access to Microsoft Office 2013 on up to 5 computers and or any other internet enabled device such as tablet PC. Windows 7 or 8 and an internet connection are required. Keep in mind, this is all playing into the upcoming release of Windows 8, which has been specifically engineered to run as a desktop OS or tablet OS.

To get us all onboard with this change, Microsoft is currently providing an opportunity where you can download (and try) a 60 day preview of the program. At (or near) the end of the 60 days you will be alerted (and prompted) to purchase the leasing option of the full-release version of Office 2013 – 365 Home Premium (which will or should be available).

The preview version gives you the opportunity to see what is coming with the full release, such as:

  • A personalized Office experience on up to 5 PCs or tablets.
  • Powerful new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access.
  • Streaming full versions of Office applications with Office on Demand (PC running Windows 7 or 8 and Internet connection required).
  • If you’re also trying Windows 8 Release Preview, be sure to check out the OneNote Preview in the Windows Store. Keep your notes, pictures, voice memos, and web pages in one easy to access place so you have them when you need them.
  • Coming soon, with the full release of Office 365 Home Premium:
  • Talk to anyone using Skype, including 60 minutes of free international calls every month to landlines in over 40 countries and to cell phones in 7 countries. (Skype account required. Excludes special, premium and non-geographic numbers.)
  • Get an additional 20 GB of SkyDrive online storage for easy access and sharing of your documents.
  • Office for Mac

I can see pro’s and con’s to this new purchasing (or leasing) model.  What is your thinking on this?  To get the full scoop visit Microsoft’s Office 365 Home Premium site [ HERE ] .



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3 thoughts on “Appears Microsoft Is Pushing Us Into An Online Leasing Option Starting With Microsoft Office 2013

Add yours

  1. Rick,
    Because I actually value security and privacy, and do not like the idea of being unable to function if my Internet is down, (or I am “offline” for other reasons) I am fundamentally opposed to the “cloud computing model” and will resist it, or simply go off the grid. Microsoft cannot carrot or stick me into conforming — thanks to the Open Source movement.

    And who wants to rent when you can own? (Which is better, being a landlord or a renter?)

    The whole thing smells bad to me. But I am “old school” and they don’t care about my type. They just want to show ads to the younger crowd, and learn everything about us they can.


      1. Just another way for Microsoft to monopolize the industry. I can see many more users begin to use Open Office. For me, I have not used Word for years. I use Atlantis Word Processor. I great program that has probably 90% or more of Word features, and for a fraction of the cost and is not your typical Microsoft resource hog. Just my 2 cents, but by the time you finish reading this my 2 cents have already depreciated to nothing.


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