Use the Norton Removal Tool To Remove Norton Security Products

If you have any of the Symantec Norton security products installed, listed below in the screenshot, and you have reached a crossroad where you need to uninstall your Norton product, I highly recommend that use the Norton Removal Tool. This tool is not easy to find on the Symantec site, due that they want to keep you around and not lose you as a customer. The tool has the ability to scan your computer and remove just about any Norton product from 2003 to present.

  Due to the power of this removal tool, be doubly careful; especially if you have more than one of Symantec’s products installed. It is also important that if you are using this tool to remove a Norton product with intention of reinstalling it, that you capture (or write down) your product key.

Norton Removal Tool

Norton security products (by Symantec) are the makers of the best security products out there, but what typically occurs is that people who let their Norton subscription expire on their PCs will attempt to remove the product using the Windows add/remove uninstall process so that they can install another product. The Windows add/remove uninstall process will not, and I repeat, will not remove these products in there entirety; whereas the Norton Removal Tool will get the job done.

When you install security products such as these, due to their complexity, it is important that you check with the maker of the security product to determine if a removal tool is available.



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