Add Annotations To Your Images With iPhotoDraw

There are numerous techniques to add text, arrows, dimensions, lines, callout boxes (balloons) etc. to an image; however, you need to be completely in tune (knowledgeable) with the software you are using to accomplish this. Even then it can be a hunt to find these options or features in the software, which can prove to be time consuming and frustrating.

Today I came across a freebie that is right down my alley and it is called iPhotoDraw. If you have any familiarity with the MS-Office products then you will have no problem with iPhoto.


iPhotoDraw is strictly dedicated and designed software that allows you to add text descriptions, callout boxes (balloons), arrows, lines, and other annotations to your images. Two cool feature with iPhotoDraw that you do not find in other software of this type,  is that you can enlarge a specific area of an image to make it standout and you can add dimension information to a specific object in the image.

When adding these annotations to your image (or Photo), iPhotoDraw initially does not mess with the original image file; instead, the annotations are stored in a separate file (thus keeping the original intact). To make the annotations permanent to the original file, you have to go to the file menu and select the export option to save the file as a .jpg file.

If you are into any type of desktop publishing, graphic design, web page editing, Powerpoint Presentations, etc… iPhotoDraw is a freebie to grab! I would sure like to see a portable version of this…

Platform : Windows XP (sp3), Windows Vista, Windows 7

Software requirement : .Net Framework 3.0 or later



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